Brief Introduction


      Putian Daming light industrial products Co., Ltd. is a high quality manufacturer specializing in producing more than ten cotton swab products. It is a large professional manufacturer of cotton swab in China. It is located in Xianyou County of Fujian Province in the South Industrial Zone of carp, with beautiful environment and convenient traffic.
      Daming light industry covers an area of more than 20 mu, with a building area of more than 20000 square meters, and has an independent office area and production area. At present, the company has two own brands, including "Xiao AI" located in the ordinary consumer market and the "Ai", which is committed to meet the consumption of high and middle elite, and covers all levels of the consumer.
      Daming light industry has a group of professional and enthusiastic sales teams and after-sale teams, with a group of professional technical development teams, strong technical research and development ability and first-class product innovation ability, and always walk in the research and development and production frontiers of the cotton swab.
      There are many kinds of light industrial products and many styles and can meet the needs of different customers. There are dozens of production lines in the workshop. The products include paper stick cotton swabs, wooden stick cotton swabs, bamboo stick cotton swabs, plastic rod cotton swabs, baby cotton swabs and make-up cotton swabs, with more than 200 kinds of packaging, due to our company's quality details as always. As a result, we can provide customers with highly cost-effective products, and therefore have been recognized by the vast majority of customers and the market, and have established long-term and good cooperative relations with many big brands and big factories at home and abroad. At the same time, it also provides OEM services for the companies that need it both at home and abroad.
     "Lifelong ingenuity and excellence", Daming light industry will maintain enterprising, innovative enterprise spirit, strict quality, focus on production details, wholeheartedly for the broad customers and consumers to provide new appearance, comfortable, good use, cost-effective products! Our goal is to pursue higher quality of life at the moment, pay attention to the age of green and environmental protection, patiently grind every product, let the product be no longer only ordinary life supplies, but also worth all the works of art for all your life.

New Arrivals

Ai MIan 200 coloured rod fine paper stick cotton swabs
Ai MIan 200 arms cover cotton (double screw, card box)
AI Mian 400 square boxes covered with thin paper stick cotton swabs (round, spiral)
AI Mian 200 square boxes covered with thin paper stick cotton swabs (round, spiral)

Hot pin


245 children's round bucket paper stick cotton swabs

56 children's paper stick cotton swabs

Ai Mian 100 square box shell (small gourd head)

Xiao Ai 50 square box wooden stick cotton swabs